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    I was thrilled to have teamed up with Picnic Season to present the Urban Orchard collection of Really Big Picnic Rugs and Really Cool Picnic Baskets; a celebration of colour featuring summer stone-fruit corals, mint julep greens and ripe-fig indigos.

    You can check them out here:

     Picnic rugs and picnic baskets available now through

    When these launched in January 2020, they asked me a few questions about the design process so here's a little bit about the inspiration behind the Urban Orchard collection....

    At Picnic Season, we are firm believers that art isn't just for walls. Your statement jewellery range of earrings and necklaces showcases mini, vibrant, abstract, wearable works of art. How did you go about approaching the design of something on a larger scale that remained true to your signature smaller-scale style?

    Painting has always been my first love and many of my jewellery designs start out as ideas or visual motifs from larger paintings. In each of my collections there is a large scale abstract painting or set of paintings that started it all.

    Through these paintings a visual language starts to emerge through colour, shapes and lines and it's these elements that are echoed, amplified and modified in the individual components of my jewellery pieces.

    The process is almost circular, where segments of the jewellery designs then start to feature in new paintings I've made. Each part of my practice informs the other.

    Where did you find the inspiration for the Urban Orchard collection?

    In the last place I lived in Melbourne, one of my favourite things to do was to walk the neighbourhood with my son looking at all the fruit trees. There were beautiful figs taking over front yards, peaches overhanging corrugated iron fences and mint springing up in all kinds of unlikely places.

    I loved that these trees were so cared for and that so many people had the foresight to plant them for others to enjoy.

    Growing up with fruit trees in your neighbourhood is a very special thing and something I wanted to celebrate.